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  • Year:1987
  • Stock #:13819J
  • Model:FBD1030EX
  • Status:



FBD 1030 EX

Model                                                                       FBD 1030
Maximum Tonnage                                                  110
Distance Between Side Frames                              106.3
Ram Speed: Approach                                            3.7 IPS
Bending                                                                    .35 IPS
Return Speed                                                           3.43 IPS
Electrical Requirements                                           220/460/3/60

Equipped With:
Designed specifically to enhance computer control.
Centralized controls provide quick, easy control of tonnage, bending depth and stroke length adjustment.
Strategic placement of the cylinders creates an ideal deflection curve, eliminating the need to shim precision tooling.  Angular accuracy is constant over the full part length.
and wear.
Tonnage limiter and gauge protect tooling and increase safety.
Exclusive handwheel depth control simplifies set-up and reduces scrap.
Sectionalized punch holders allow deep box forming and can create windows for long return flanges
Electric Footswitch for easy Ram Control
Exclusive tool holders simplify procedures and reduce tooling set-up time.
NC9EX Amada 3 Axis CNC Control
Merlin Light Guards




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