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  • Year:2000
  • Stock #:13813J
  • Model:FBD8025NT
  • Status:



FBD 8025 NT

Model                                                                       FBD 8025 NT
Maximum Tonnage                                                  88
Ram Speed: Approach                                            165 IPM
Return Speed                                                           212 IPM

Equipped With:
Capacity                                                                   88 US Ton,   80 Metric Tons
Bed Length                
Lower Beam Rising Speed                                      3.03 in/sec, (77mm/sec)
Lower Beam Bending Speed                                   .31 in/sec, (8mm/sec)
Lower Beam Lowering Speed                                 3.54 in/sec (90mm/sec)
Motor                                                                        230/460/3

Equipped With:

Amada NT 8 Axis CNC Control. D1, D2, Ram,  L, L2, Back Gauge,  Z, Vertical Finger
YL, YR, Horizontal Finger, CC Bed Crowning
Simultaneous 8 axis auto operation
Feeding Speed L axis 1180 IPM (1181.10in/sec)
Movable Range D axis  (0-5.9055 in)
Movable Range L axis  (0.081-19.678in)
European Tooling Clamps
Flush Floor Mount







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